Sebastian Hildebrandt

Entrepreneur, Innovator, CEO +innovations GmbH
With ambition, passion & experience

Short Curriculum Vitae

Born in Germany, attended school in Nairobi, Hamburg and Vienna. Studied Computer Science (TU-Vienna) and Business Informatics (WU-Vienna), graduated with honors as Master of Science (MSc).

Work Experience

For over 30 years I have been working mostly (but not only) for non-profit organizations, advising them on fundraising, CRM selection, data-driven fundraising, data analysis and digital strategies. I have worked in different roles including CTO, IT Manager, Project Manager, Product Manager, Software Architect, Software Developer and Data Analyst. Since 2005 I am self-employed, founder and CEO of +innovations GmbH, currently implementing the smartest and most innovative fundraising solution (

About me


Certificates and Awards

  • International Marketing Management (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
  • Business Information Systems - Master of Science / MSc (WU-Vienna)
  • Linux Server Professional Certification (LPIC-1) Suse / Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA)
  • Project Management Austria IPMA Level D Certificate
  • Hernstein Management Degree
  • Project Management (Hernstein Management Institute)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional


Management Skills

Business Strategy

Business Planning

Product Management

Marketing Strategy

Project Management

Team Management

IT Skills

Back-End Development

Front-End Development

Software Architecture

UI/UX Interaction

Scrum, Agile

Database Design

HTML, CSS, Angular

Node.JS, Typescript

Docker, Kubernetes

System Administration


These customers have already put their trust in me:

Talkes and Webinars

In the past years I have held workshops and webinars for Fundraising Kongress, Stifter Helfen, Stiftung Zukunft Berlin, Meetup, among others.

My areas of expertise include CRM selection processes, data-driven fundraising, data analytics, digital strategies, and software development.


Open Source

Open Source Projects

I am passionate about making meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem. Here some open source projects I created and maintain:

  • systeminformation: Node.js system information package. Retrieve detailed hardware, system and OS information. For Linux, macOS, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and SunOS. #1 NPM backend packages ranking.
  • http-graceful-shutdown: Gracefully shuts down node.js http server. For HTTP, HTTPS, Express, koa, fastify, ... also in the top 10 of NPM backend packages ranking.
  • dockerstats: Simple Docker stats library for node.js
  • mmon: micro-mon - Simple CLI system and OS information tool for Linux, macOS and windows implemented in node.js

My packages are used by Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, SAP, IBM, Salesforce, Apache Foundation, Adobe and others.
Over 70 Mio downloads overall, > 5 Mio downloads per month and > 2000 Github ★.
Head over to my GitHub repository.

Voluntary Work

1989 - 1995: Technical lead, creating fundraising infrastructure, research, campaign management for the environmental protection organization Global 2000.

1997 - 2000: Development, operations and supervision of the independent Radiation Monitoring System (RAMOS) at GLOBAL 2000. The system included 19 radiation probes around four nuclear power plants near the Austrian border Temelin, Dukovany, Mochovce and Bohunice.



Sebastian Hildebrandt

Sebastian Hildebrandt

Entrepreneur and CEO

„Our head is round so our thinking can change its direction. Creating innovative solutions with ambition, passion & experience. Let us talk, I would be happy to have an inspiring conversation with you.“